On… Can’t Hardly Wait

I like a good teen comedy.

You already know this, obviously. Sixteen Candles is my favorite movie of all time. Can’t Buy Me Love, Heathers, Adventures In Babysitting, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Footloose (by the way the spoken lines in that clip are dubbed in Spanish, which makes me laugh so hard), St Elmo’s Fire, Pretty In Pink (EPIC song), Girls Just Wanna Have FunDirty Dancing, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Weird Science (actually, this film kind of sucks, but let’s move on), Secret Admirer, The Breakfast Club (though I don’t love it as much as everyone else), Say Anything, Sure Thing… Goddamnit, they are all just so great, and make me wish I’d been a teen in the 80s so much. So does this. It’s basically how I dance anyway.

But then the 90s hit. And… nothing. No, American Pie doesn’t count. It wasn’t that funny (okay, ‘suck me beautiful’ is funny, but apart from that, it’s kind of sexist and awkward. I mean, the porn-crazy Czech exchange student with the big fake jugs? Ew).

Except Can’t Hardly Wait.


I was just thinking, – for no particular reason other than I was gazing into space trying to figure out a plot thing and that’s when random stuff just drops into my brain – about the way the jock dude says ‘Aman-DAH’ – and thought, hell, Can’t Hardly Wait is a funny goddamn movie, I think I’ll share this with the group. I have no particular point to make except, it’s awesomer than you may remember, it has these tiny hidden gems of hilarity, and you should watch it next time you are bored.


Okay, the trailer doesn’t zing. Just trust me.

Actually, you know what ELSE is awesome? Mallrats. But that’s a whole different blog post.

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