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On… Liz Meriwether

I have been a Liz Meriwether fan a long time – scroll back five or six years and you’ll find a slavishly adoring post on The New Girl episode about braking for birds. And now she’s making a show with Erin Foster. I don’t really know who Erin Foster is, but my friend Joanna told me she was very funny on Instagram, so I followed her, and lo and behold she is veh veh funny indeed. When I found out Erin and Liz were making a show together I felt like I had somehow been involved in them meeting. This is how self-involved I am. That’s okay.

Anyway, Liz also writes beautiful and hilarious things for places like New York Magazine. Read this and then read this. See? She’s the best.

On… Squalene

Okay gang, so a while ago I wrote a post that had a line about not knowing what the fuh squalene is or does. And I got some lovely comments and emails from people saying ‘no, dude, seriously you NEED to give squalene a chance, it sounds like something that should be lanced but it’s really AMAZING’.

And it’s true.


I picked this up for $11, and narrowed my eyes at it suspiciously. I threw it on before bed a couple of times, and thought, ‘hmm maybe’. THEN I tried it on this morning before taking Errol to school. I hadn’t brushed my hair, my eyes were bloodshot because three-year-old-plus-daylight-saving-equals-worst, and my only other make-up was a quick splodge of this old Armani blush that I throw on now and again (a soft rose-brown shade that warms up my natural ‘touch of consumption’ skin but was inexfuckingplicably discontinued, I’m sorry, I know how annoying that is, when I eventually run out I’m using MAC Blushbaby – I used to recommend MAC Blush All Day but that TOO was discontinued – or FACE Stockholm in Sunkissed). I had already put SPF on, but I always do, I do it early early before I brush my teeth. And I was wearing that No.7 Deep Raspberry lip balm. But nothing else. I looked in the mirror on the way out the door and said to myself ‘THAT IS SOME GOOD GODDAMN SKIN TODAY, GEMMA’. (I talk in all-caps to myself.)

My next thought, because I’m a dorky little joiner, was ‘everyone needs to know about this’.

It’s also worth pointing out that putting on a powder blush over a liquid moisturizer/primer/whatever squalene is was a wild risk on my part, but squalene just manned up and fucking OWNED it, and there was no chalky weirdness. That is a product I can respect.

And though I’m not really the type to put photos on this blog, because seriously there are better things for you to look at, I had to share. No filter, nothing fishy, and that’s the overhead hallway lighting in our apartment.Slide1


Note that my nose is too big to fit in the selfie.

Anyway, throw squalene a bone, people. It’s worth it.