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On… Clarks Botanicals

I first wrote this on my Instagram account, so if you already read it there, forgive me and be my friend anyway.

Last year, I heard about Clarks Botanicals on the divine @fatmascara podcast. I ordered a $10 tester set, like the thrifty little cougar that I am, to see if it would plump and soothe my crone-like post-baby visage. LO and behold, it did. I fell head over heels for the Deep Moisture Mask and Smoothing Marine Cream, promptly purchased the full size of each. I wrote about them in a post a few months ago.

Then quite out of the blue recently, Clarks contacted me asking if I’d like to host a giveaway. I said YES OF COURSE I WOULD ARE YOU INSANE WHY WOULD YOU EVER DOUBT THAT. I think their social media people saw the post. Anyway. To enter the competition, head on over to my IG account. If it’s too late – I think the comp ends May 3 – then don’t fret! You can use the code GemmaBurgess25 and get 25% off your purchase on the Clarks Botanicals website.



On… a nightgown

So, recently I went to a party with an all-girls sleepunder theme. The premise: Like a sleepover, but we all have work and small children and/or babies and really need our fucking sleep. So we started at 4pm and went home at 10pm. We had chocolate and candy and Jell-O shots and cocktails and ice cream cake. We drank fast, talked fast, and then went home and crashed. It was THE BEST.

Anyway, the dress code was ‘athleisure’. I thought to myself, I’m not wearing athleisure, I detest work out gear. I don’t even wear it to work out anymore. (I wear baggy sweatpants and a Buffy The Vampire Slayer t-shirt, most days.) I’m going to wear the frilliest, dorkiest, most Victorian-virgin passion-killing nightgown I can find.Gemma Nightie

Nailed it.

(Apologies for messy sink.)

I was the happiest little party animal in the world that night. I felt comfortable and fun and pretty and kind of cool, in a non-cool way (which is, of course, the best kind of cool). I felt like an updated, yet also terribly regressive, version of Courtney Love and Amanda de Cadenet, when they got trashed in silky night slips that time in the 90s. In other words, I felt like me.

I’m wearing this nightie – and a couple of the others in the range – ALL SUMMER. And not just to bed. I’m wearing them to write. To meet friends. To the playground. To the beach. To bed. This nightie can do no wrong in my eyes. Anyway, you can find it here. Order a size or two down. They are gigantic.

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On… the perfect pink tshirt for $8

I like pink t-shirts. I wear them with dark red Ruby Woo lipstick, I wear them with no make-up except a little blush (or ROUGE as my grandmother used to say), I wear them with old pajama pants in bed and with very old jeans when I’m writing and with sequins skirts and fake fur coats when I’m going somewhere exciting. There is basically no situation or mood that a pink t-shirt can’t improve, imho. And after trying on like seventeen – okay, that’s a lie, but I did try like four – I found THE PERFECT PINK TSHIRT.

And it’s $8.

pink tshirt

Get it in medium for fitted, large if you want to roll the sleeves up and tuck it into high-waisted jeans and feel really 1989 about it. It’s just the right thickness, just the right shade of blushy-but-not-sickly-pink, the shoulders and neck are *perfect* . Enjoy. It’s SPRING!