On… Friday obsessions



ASOS Baseball top. (American Apparel does them too, but the quality is fairly shit, as usual.)


Santa Maria Novella Melegrano. When you just want to smell soapy squeaky clean. (You can buy it online at Aedes de Venustus or in person in London in the Piccadilly store, in NYC at the LAFCO store in Nolita or in Rome at the eponymous store. Y’know. Next time you’re in Rome.)


Jacked Up Banana Bread by Smitten Kitchen. I make this almost every week, with Errol as my trusty kitchen sidekick, and beweaf me, if I can’t fuck it up, neither can you. I like to store it cold in the fridge and eat with slivers of very cold salty butter or Skippy creamy peanut butter.


This book. I was wondering whether to post about Lean In by Cheryl Sandberg, because I’m not exactly the corporate type, I don’t need to know how to become CEO because I’m, y’know, a writer, and I’m already a fairly confident, ambitious, outspoken-when-I-need-to-be feminist type. And I bet a lot of you are thinking the same thing. But this book is something EVERY woman should read the moment she finishes university, nay, school. They should hand it out as you leave your last exam. Just read it a few chapters at a time, the way I did, and let it all soak in. It will change the way you think about yourself and the way you relate to the world around you. Even if you think it’s not for you, read it, so you can be a part of the conversation.


Lastly, this article ‘Can Men Be Funny?’ by Ellie Kempner in GQ this month, was v amusant.






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