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On… eating in New York

Everyone, thank you so much for your email suggestions about what I should blog about. It’s like the perfect to-do list. Even better: you all, it seems, share my fetish for reading restaurant menus and planning imaginary meals. So for all you menu-lovers out there, here are my three favorite meals from the past couple of weeks…

The Pork Belly Sandwich from Back Forty West in Soho 


Where oh WHERE has this sandwich been all my life? It is the best thing I have ever eaten. Ever. I had it last week and I think I might go back today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day, foreverneveramen. Fox had the burger, and it just might be one of the best burgers in NYC. We’ll have to go back to PJ Clarke’s first to check. And Corner Bistro. And the secret-but-totally-not place in that hotel in midtown.


The bratwurst and rosti at Cafe Select in Nolita


Fox has a thing for mittel-European brunch. Normally, ie, when not pregnant, it’s just not my thing. I sigh, order bircher muesli or scrambled egg whites with smoked salmon and a skinny latte, watch him scarf all the yummy fatty calorific foods and steal bites when I can, like every other annoying woman on earth. But to hell with that. I’m pregnant! Bring on the sausage and the fried potatoes and fried onions! Can I get a side of ice-cream with that?

Bianca al Prosciutto Pizza at Gnocco in the East Village 

We had dinner here the other night. The pizza was excellent. Just excellent. Dinner generally isn’t a great meal for me when preggers – I’m much more likely to be sick at night for some stupid and annoying reason – but I wasn’t! High five, Gnocco, for not making me sick. Also, bonus for having a name that sounds like one of the goblins from The Labyrinth.

I can’t find a photo of the pizza. But that’s okay, it just looked like pizza. So here is a photo of a goblin from The Labyrinth.


It’s okay! Shhh, it’s okay. It’s only a puppet.

Just as a little bonus: an extra photo of David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King from the Labyrinth.



Brainwave! I am totally going as Jareth the Goblin King to Hallowe’en this year. Fuck it, why not. I already know all the words to THIS.

On… babies

So, we had the six-month scan this week. I goddamn love scans. They are exciting and magic and weird. A monthly reminder that there is a reason I am STILL throwing up (I even threw up in a taxi going up Madison on the way to Mt Sinai). Here is a scan of my womb-mate.


And here’s the 3-D scan.


Isn’t that WILD? (I just gushed for a few lines about how perfect and gorgeous he is, but then I remembered that I used to be tres vocal about how totally fucking boring I found Facebook baby updates that didn’t have a point/joke, so I decided to shut up. If you are bored by babies… I get it, I’m sorry. What can I say? I’m self-involved! Let’s talk about ME.)

I wasn’t crazy about 3-D scans when I was preggers with Errol. I thought they all looked like underwater alien babies. But now I think they’re so goddamn cool. Like a tiny glimpse into the future. Look at this six-month-in-the-womb 3-D scan of Errol…


… and look at Errol aged two. Not too dissimilar, huh? Big chubby cheeks in a thoughtful frowny little face. He came out with worry wrinkles. So adorable.


Just an extra bonus scan, in case scans are your thang: Errol, at about 16 weeks, sucking his thumb. CUTE.



On… good books

Very. Good. Book.

GIRL by Blake Nelson. 


The sequel. So far, also very good goddamn book.

DREAM SCHOOL by Blake Nelson.


PS Sorry for not posting in so long. I actually lost my WordPress password and couldn’t remember what it was. And I am the kind of person who goes ‘ah, to hell with it, I have nothing to blog about anyway, the world won’t be a whole lot worse off without some more blahblahblah from me’. I know. I have low self-blogging-esteem. Seriously, you guys, what should I blog about? What would you like to read? My life isn’t that interesting. My opinions on most things are not particularly valuable. I spend all my time writing, and playing with Errol and Fox in gorgeous New York City in autumn/fall (I can’t say ‘fall’ without feeling like a fake American, but I can’t say ‘autumn’ without feeling all prim and English, either, so now I say both), and applying for my Greencard (yay!), and being six months pregnant (it’s a BOY! Just by the way. Yah, so surreal, am making a willy IN MY STOMACH), and, um, Pinning. Oh, how I love to Pin. Come pin with me! And, oh yes, email me what you want me to blog about.