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On… movies I have watched more than once in a sitting


I’m a repeat watcher. Always have been. I blame it on a combination of laziness and OCD.

I’ve seen certain movies (like… Dazed and Confused, Mallrats, Sixteen Candles, When Harry Met Sally, St Elmo’s Fire, Old School, Back To The Future, and for some weird reason, The Saint) upwards of 40 or 50 times each.

So I’m not talking about movies that I watched over and over again over the course of a summer or a year or, um, my life.

I mean, movies that I watched more than once in a DAY.

I can only think of four. (Which is probably still four more than a normal person.)

Bachelorette. I love this film so goddamn much.

I watched it twice in a row in a hotel room, when then-baby Errol was sleeping in a travel crib hidden the bathroom, because that is how you travel with an 11 month old, so I had to have the volume turned down way too fucking low. Have watched it about six times since then at normal audio levels. It’s furiously, aggressively, majestically funny. I love it.

Imagine Me And You. I actually watched this one three times in a row. I was on an airplane to London, coming back from visiting my folks in Hong Kong. I was preparing to break up with someone when I got home, and this movie made me cry so much I started dry-heaving. Good times.

I remember the film being much funnier and faster than the trailer implies.

Wild Child. Don’t overthink it. Watched it with my sister when we were hungover a few years ago, then we exchanged a look, and pressed ‘play’ again. It’s good.

Cheaper By The Dozen 2. I know! But wait. Before you shout at me: I was at a weekend away at someone’s mother’s place in the English countrahside with a group of friends. Everyone else was sleeping in and I was deeply, skin-achingly hungover but unable to sleep, because that is my burden in life. There were no other DVDs in the house. I watched it once, tried to get back to sleep, kept reliving with shame the moment in the night before when I’d danced on a coffee table and sung all the words to ‘Private Eyes’ by Hall and Oates and MADE EVERYONE STOP AND WATCH ME, and then decided to watch it again. Steve Martin always makes me feel better about everything. Roxanne, The Jerk, The Man With Two Brains… I feel happy just typing those titles.

Oh, and in answer to the question I know you want to ask: not having seen Cheaper By The Dozen 1 did not, in any way, reduce my understanding or enjoyment of Cheaper By The Dozen 2.