On… Anniversary 2016


The 2016 Anniversary Portrait is DONE. And yes, this morning was as traumatic as that photo looks, that is indeed a photo of a toddler in a trench coat screaming in misery while his parents laugh and kiss above him. Our actual anniversary yesterday was twice as traumatic, as it involved a trip to ER and stitches for the same tiny redhead after a playground adventure went awry. (He’s fine.)

You can see the rest of the anniversary portraits here. (I am still stunned we manage to do this year after year.)

So here’s a quick making-of-the-damn-anniversary-portrait blow-by-blow. We walked to City Hall, took the first set of photos, realized that we should wait for the sun to be on the plinth thing and do it again, waited for about ten minutes (which is a LONG TIME when you are two and four-and-a-half), bribed the boys with the promise of ice cream if they just waited nicely, finally got the damn photo, got some ice creams, and finally walked home. End of anniversary portrait, 2016.




thumb_P4171499_1024 thumb_P4171515_1024










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4 thoughts on “On… Anniversary 2016

  1. Karrine Beasley

    Glad you were able to get the photo even with all the other chaos of the day! It really is such a sweet tradition. Also, can I steal your style please!? What a cute outfit!! :) xx

  2. Georgie

    Hi – this is a super late comment so you may not see it, but I wondered where your black skirt/kilt is from? Is it Burberry? You look great!

    Such a lovely tradition, more to the point :)


    1. GemmaBurgess Post author

      Hello! Firstly, why, thank you! And actually, it is Miu Miu, and I bought it for about $75 from TheRealReal, a brilliant online consignment store. Get thee there, stat. Gx


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