On… 2015 anniversary portrait

Every year on our anniversary, Fox and I go back to City Hall in NYC, where we got married, and take another photo outside. We did it again today, and this is the photo. Ned’s face kills me. And Errol refused to take off his shades.



anniversary 2012


2012. (There was no 2011 as we didn’t live here yet, anyway I was pregnant with Errol so it would have been a photo of me throwing up.)

anniversary 2010

And this is the day we got mawwied in 2010.


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3 thoughts on “On… 2015 anniversary portrait

  1. Alyaka | Niche Beauty Products

    What a great way to celebrate your wedding day! You have a lovely family, Gemma thanks for sharing their photos in your blog. These photos show the changes in your family throughout the years. I must say that I love the way Errol expresses his fashion sense.


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