On… 70s 80s by Nightmares On Wax

I was in a cafe in Brooklyn this morning. There was a song playing that I used to listen to constantly back in London, and it gave me one of those WHOOOSH visceral-emotional-time-travel moments, and I remembered with shocking immediacy 1) the sour milk smell of a terrible ad agency I was working in at the time and 2) the cockishness of the guy I was dating at the time and 3) how great my social life was at the time, so the job and the guy didn’t really matter.

Anyway, I commented to the girl behind the counter (nose ring, Run Lola Run hair, zero capacity for original thought): “oh, I love this song!” She said “yeah I guess it’s new?” and I said “I think it’s from 2002 or 2003. It’s Nightmares On Wax.” And she said “oh I was, like, nine?” Little laugh.

So then I killed her.
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