On… some Friday procrastination for you

Every now and again I write funny little things for magazines. (We’ve covered this in previous sessions.)

I sort of stumbled into magazine writing (I was an advertising copywriter before I became an author and screenwriter). But writing about makeup is so fun! Plus, you know, free stuff.

Writing for Tatler UK is particularly fun, as one gets to sound all plummy and posh. (I’m not particularly posh, but I speak posh fluently. I never use words like ‘tremendous’ and ‘tiresome’ in real life, but I do for Tatler.)

ANYWAY. I thought that on this sunny Friday, you might like to read them. None of them are rocket surgery, I warn you, but they might make you laugh. And since the magazines are all back issues now, I’m sure the good people at Tatler won’t mind.



These first two were nominated for a P&G Beauty Writing awards. I didn’t win. (Pouts, makes a huffing sound.)





By the way, The Nail Files article is my favorite of all of them. The rest I’m not so crazy about. This is fairly typical of me. I’m never happy with my writing. I’ll probably tweak this post 15 times before next week.




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