On… a poster to inspire

Inspiration posters don’t usually fry my burger. I think they’re kind of ridiculous. This one, however, is more than just an inspiration poster. It sums up everything I feel about work and creativity and hope and oh, you know, the meaning of life*.



I am still in the ‘Do A Lot Of Work’ stage. And I love it.

 *Actually, the meaning of life is this OK GO song.

PS That poster is a quote from Ira Glass. You can see the quote here.

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2 thoughts on “On… a poster to inspire

  1. William Kendall

    I like that one!

    Usually I go for the Demotivational posters. Fits in with my skewed sense of humour.

  2. Beduwen

    Hi Gemma – found you on SheWrites and just got around to checking out your blog. Love this post! I’m with you, I get a bit annoyed at the overload of inspirational posters. But every once in a while one pops up which truly does inspire. Good choice on the above. And what a great video – never heard of the band or the song. So great to see new things on blogs. Cheers!


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