On… Tatler and summer

Pick up Tatler this month to read an article by moi about the joys of stealing from your baby!

This is what the cover looks like. Run, run, run and get it, my lovelies. The perfect summer magazine.  For realsies.

In other news, I’m about to go en vacances. High fives all round. Heading to a wedding in Barcelona later this week, then to France with my folks and Fox and Errol. I will still be working because, hey, that’s just how I roll. Also because I have deadlines. And actually, I’m not afraid to admit it: I love writing, dudes. It’s one of the best things in my life. Taking a break from it makes me sad. So I never do. And I’ve nearly finished the second book in the series… (I know it’s a long time coming – but we are lauching them both close together so you don’t have to wait! Thank you for your patience, dudes. Really, really, thank you.)

Anyway, I need your help… what are the top three things I should do in Barcelona?  

I have never been, and know almost nothing about it apart from the whole Gaudi thing, La Rambla, the fact that everyone sleeps in the afternoon and parties all night. Oh, and I think there’s a beach, but I could be wrong about that.
Bear in mind that I am quite a lazy tourist and need a lot of pitstops and coffee breaks, and am only really interested in eating, drinking, and a sprinkle – just a sprinkle – of art and history. Oh, and I am almost never in the mood to walk too far. Or up more than ten steps at a time. No, really, I’m totally serious. That whole Montmartre thing in Paris? Could be a myth for all I know. I will never find out because of the whole endless stairway situation.

Below: the mythical Montmartre in Paris. God, I get tired just looking at that photo. Let’s sit down and have a drink.


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3 thoughts on “On… Tatler and summer

  1. VeeDubsAweigh

    my shift key is busted. apols in advance for lack of caps.

    barcelona is super easy to love with very little effort and a whole lotta imbibing! i love, love, love the gaudi stuff and it's easy enough to stumble over if you're interested. a sunny afternoon in parc guell is not exactly a hidden barca secret, but for a pretty good reason. i really wish they'd finish the bloody sagrada familia, but it's still so worth a peek, even when you think you have cathedral fatique. kooky and awesome.

    but my 3 random things, in no particular order are:

    la boqueria. so good in that 'aren't all produce markets in europe so good?!' way. eat, caffeinate, and a just little bit of walking. dawdling really. we're ticking all your boxes here!

    have a beer at els quatre gats. kooky bar in barrio gotico.

    check out placa george orwell and the surrounding streets, also in barrio gotico. been a few years since we were there but i loved this little nook.

    and a 4th for free!

    how long are you there? can you squeeze in an overnighter road trip somewhere? cadaques, where salvador dali lived, is a little piece of yumminess about 150km north of barcelona. gorgeous windswept and whitewashed coastal town, his house is there, decorated just as he left it, and you can poke through it. it's incredibubble. i could move in tomorrow! i'm not especially into dali or surrealism but there's something about this place with its sort of surreal rocky coastal landscape and shimmering water. and the town is super chilled and charming, not OTT on the dali references or anything. mmmm, i love it.

    happy hols! it's dreary and rainy here…


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