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Am reading The Time Traveller’s Guide To Medieval England, on a recommendation from a friend from London, and I AM SO HAPPY. It’s a simple premise – a history book, written in the present tense. Somehow it makes it all seem so real, which is a stupid thing to say, but truly profound when you’re experiencing it. Wonderful writing and delicious details. Even for a dorky history nerd, like me. (Did you know that medieval sailors took almonds in barrels on ships, to make almond milk? HOW CRAZY IS THAT.)


Next, I’m reading The Time Traveller’s Guide To Elizabethan England, and I cannot wait.



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2 thoughts on “On… new books

  1. Susan Krzywicki

    Do they talk about the value of money in either of these? For example, how much a person would make in a year or how much it cost to buy something like a bed or an apple. Maybe this wouldn’t work with medieval times, since bartering was so prevalent. When I read books either from the time or written later, it is hard to judge how dear something might be when the currency is so different from what we use now.


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