On… music as therapy

Somehow, I find myself drawn to angry femme rock these days. Why? Oh, I don’t know WHY DO YOU THINK THAT MIGHT BE HAVE YOU READ THE NEWS LATELY MOTHERFUCKINGCHRISTONABICYCLE.

I think that this song is probably waiting for a video:

Regardless, it’s great: I Can’t Stand You Anymore by Sleigh Bells.


Baby I Call Hell by Deap Vally.


Wednesday Night Melody by Bleached.


I Told You I’d Be With The Guys by Cherry Glazerr.


Another one with no video. Less loud, but still kind of angry: Seashore by Regrettes.


Raise Hell by Dorothy.


Got any more loud angry women songs for me, gang? (And by the way, thank you all for the podcast ideas – SO AWESOME. I truly appreciate them all and have them lined up on my phone, like little planes on a runway, waiting for takeoff.)



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3 thoughts on “On… music as therapy

  1. Laurel

    Hey beb. It’s not your classic fem-rage vibes, but boy is it my jam – Lorde’s Green Light. It’s a ‘blast it in your earphones and stomp-strut down the street like you’re in the music video’ kinda tune that makes me wish i’d heard it when i was 19.


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