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Guess what? I’m writing a new blog for Sheer Luxe. You can read the first post here.

I’ll write a new post every week or so. What’s the difference between that blog and this ol’ thing? Because this one is about writing, most of the time. And that one’s about shopping. And if you’ve read The Dating Detox, you know how I feel about clothes. (Hint: I really like them.)

SheerLuxe has always been one of my favourite websites. It bends towards the luxe but also adores high street hits. (Snap!) It’s my go-to site for birthday and Christmas presents, housewarmings, babies, wedding stuff, beauty needs, oh, anything. Take a look, you might like it.

I dont know why I don’t write about more personal stuff on this blog, by the way. It’s just worked out that way… and I’m shy (traces circles in the ground with big toe).

So, here’s some more personal stuff you might not know (or want to know): I’m getting married on April 16, in Manhattan (yep, I live in London but families live all over the world so it seemed like a great idea). The lucky dude is called Paul Barry. He’s generally gorgeous and lovely and hilarious. He’s the real reason that I wrote The Dating Detox, I secretly think, because for the first time in a decade I was completely happy, with no love crises niggling me. Being semi-paralysed in bed helped, too.

We really did play the fish song game once, and it went on for far longer and got far more competitive. At the end I was pretty sure he was the guy for me. What can I say? Wordplay floats my boat.

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