On… some songs to get you through Tuesday

Or whatever day it is when you’re reading this. Unless it’s Saturday. If it’s Saturday, get the fuck off the internet and go outside, my friend. Breathe the air and let the sunshine hit your face and realize that this second, this moment, exists just for you. Or, get drunk and go shopping, in that order: it’s also incredibly liberating. It’s Sunday? Fine, you can stay on the internet, because Sundays are hard, especially if you are hungover and need me to stroke your hair and tell you that you’re pretty and you were, really, no honestly, I swear, just hilarious and adorable last night and not a dick at all. Shhh. Gem Gem is here.

Okay, enough silliness, here’s the music.

R.I.P 2 My Youth – Neighbo(u)rhood

Electric Love – BORNS

(There’s some umlaut shit in the ‘O’ of that band name but seriously who has the time.)

Oh My Love – The Score


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