On… The Brink and Catastrophe

Have you guys watched UNREAL yet? No? Then why are you reading this? Hurry, right now, run, don’t walk, and – oh, you’re at work? You can’t watch TV at work? Okay. In that case, let’s move on.

The next TV show to watch after UNREAL is THE BRINK.

It’s so good, very fast and sharp and unpredictable, and Tim Robbins is just a delight. I realize calling someone ‘a delight’ makes me sound like an elderly aunt but well, that’s fine and dandy, sugar.

I plan to watch this new Amazon show CATASTROPHE as soon as possible. I hear good things (it’s been out in the UK for ages). Excited.


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3 thoughts on “On… The Brink and Catastrophe

  1. Mara

    I’ve watched all three of these shows on our recommendation and all were absolutely phenomenal. Thank you, TV guru. Any chance you might have three more to throw my way?


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