On mawwiage

Dearest loveliest everyone – Paul (aka Foxy) and I got married on Friday. Awesome day. I’ve lost my voice from talking and singing and laughing.

For now, just two very quick photos…

This is Friday morning when we got the official marriage thingie at City Hall in downtown Manhattan. It took about 55 seconds. Pretty damn funny. For people who like this sort of detail (chicks): I’m wearing a white silk dress that I picked up at Baby Ceylon on Portobello three weeks ago, and sequined Converses.

This is Friday 5pm – the real wedding ceremony at Tribeca Rooftops surrounded by 150 of our nearest and dearest. Dress is Max Azria.

We were rather fortunate in that only a few people were unable to come because of the volcano; most of our guests are of the show-up-three-days-early-and-start-partying persuasion, thank God. They’re all now stranded stateside and are scattering to Mexico and the Caribbean to make the most of this wierd no-fly period. A group of guys are going to Las Vegas for the week – and yep, Foxy actually flinched with jealousy when he found out…. we’re off to Anguilla tomorrow for the honeymoon – I’ll post more pictures soon… Very tired now. Must sleep. Sleep.


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6 thoughts on “On mawwiage

  1. Claire

    Gem Gem you and Foxy make a very glamorous couple – you look gorgeous and can't wait to hear more about it. Claire xxxxxxx

  2. Matt, Aphrodite & bump

    Gem it looks absolutely fab and you both look gorgeous!!

    We're so sorry we missed it, but all three of us are wishing you all the best :p


    P.S. Can't wait for more pics.


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