On… a movie deal

If you’re my buddy on Instagram (and if not, why not? Come now, let’s be friends – it’s a private account, but basically, unless I used to date you, I’ll totally accept you) then you already know this, but…

I have a movie deal with New Regency.

I’ve been waiting to share the details, so here they are: I went to LA at the end of last year with a production company called Locomotive (the marvelous people who brought you Friends With Kids) and pitched an idea to a big studio called New Regency (the marvelous people who brought you Birdman, Gone Girl, 12 Years A Slave and many many other incredible life-changing movies including PRETTY WOMAN. YES. I KNOW. ME TOO) and… they liked it. So they bought it.

And now I’m writing it. I won’t tell you the whole plot now, because why spoil the fun?… but it’s an idea I’ve been kicking around since last summer, and you know the cut of my jib by now: funny, real women being funny n real n stuff…. (SEE? That level of communication skill is what makes me a writer.) More details to come.


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