On… a new lipstick

Every year it gets to this time and I think yay, can’t wait to wear boots and jeans and jackets every day. I lived in London for 11 years and became conditioned to be happiest when it’s grey and chilly. (But not snowing. This New York snow thing is seriously sartorially challenging.)

And I also think, yay, red lipstick.

Two years ago I was all about Lady Danger by MAC. It’s a perfect, Diane-Kruger-in-Inglourious-Basterds red, bright and matte and beautiful.


Last year I wanted a dark red, and discovered Bloodroses by Kevyn Aucoin. I think I even posted about it. I thought it was amazing. Rich, bloody, dramatic.


But then a few weeks ago, I tried on Bloodroses and, like seeing an old boyfriend, thought: how the fuck did I ever think that was good for me?

I wanted a lipstick that was red-BLACK, emphasis on the black, with – and this is important – no purple or berry in it. Something that I could wear without lipliner, without any other make up and still look like I’d made an effort, and something that really lasted and wasn’t too matte, shiny, slippery, or drying. And dark, dark, dark.

So last week I went to Bloomingdales and Sephora and swatched every single dark red they had. (If I’d been truly dedicated to the cause I would have gone to Saks and Barneys but only had an hour and didn’t want to venture beyond Soho. Also I am quite lazy.)

Anyway, I found it.


Bramble by Bite.

Knock yourselves out, ladies. (Sorry gents. Next post will be unisex. Pinkie swear.)


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