On… the perfect pink tshirt for $8

I like pink t-shirts. I wear them with dark red Ruby Woo lipstick, I wear them with no make-up except a little blush (or ROUGE as my grandmother used to say), I wear them with old pajama pants in bed and with very old jeans when I’m writing and with sequins skirts and fake fur coats when I’m going somewhere exciting. There is basically no situation or mood that a pink t-shirt can’t improve, imho. And after trying on like seventeen – okay, that’s a lie, but I did try like four – I found THE PERFECT PINK TSHIRT.

And it’s $8.

pink tshirt

Get it in medium for fitted, large if you want to roll the sleeves up and tuck it into high-waisted jeans and feel really 1989 about it. It’s just the right thickness, just the right shade of blushy-but-not-sickly-pink, the shoulders and neck are *perfect* . Enjoy. It’s SPRING!



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