On… anniversaries

So, every year, more or less on our anniversary, Fox and I head back to the place in downtown Manhattan where we got married, give a passerby our camera and ask them to take our photo.

Now that we’ve done it four times, I think we can call it a THING. (We skipped 2011 as we hadn’t move to NYC yet. It was a long way to go for a thing that wasn’t even a thing yet, to paraphrase Sixteen Candles.)


outside town hall

2010 – Gem and Fox


2012 – Gem, Fox and Errol (eight months)


2013 (Gem, Fox and Errol, 1year8months)


2014 (Gem, Fox, Errol, nearly 3, and Ned, nearly 6m)

These photos make me insanely happy. (I know. I’m so square.) Babies, man. They might just catch on.


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14 thoughts on “On… anniversaries

  1. Janna

    This is such a creative idea…my husband and i are coming up on our one year anniversary in August and I think I’d like to do the same thing! So fun to look back over the years and see all the changes

  2. Kelli

    i was so inspired by your sparkly converse that I ordered a pair of silver superga sneakers :-) i just got married this past september, so i look forward to creating a similar tradition. thanks for sharing!


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