On… Heartbreaker

You know when you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy but you’ve seen all the good ones and you’d stab yourself in the throat with your eyelash curler before wasting any time on a Katherine Heigl movie again?

Yeah. You know what I’m talking about.

You want to be entertained (but not patronised with something predictable). You want attractive actors (particularly the dude), and characters that seem fresh and real (not annoying). You want romance (but not schmaltz). You want humour (but nothing predictable). And you want something clever (because sweet mother of fuckmonkeys, romance doesn’t have to be stupid).

My friends, I have the answer.


Skip to your laptop and download it from iTunes or Netflix right this second.(Or rent the DVD if you’re feeling retro.) It is so brilliant and clever I kept punching the sofa with joy, thinking ‘I have GOT to tell EVERYONE I know about this’. It’s about a guy who is a professional heartbreaker, ie, breaks up relationships for a living. And it’s awesome.

It’s French, by the way. The French are so damn good at romantic comedies. One of the only other really excellent romantic comedies I’ve seen in the last year or so was PRICELESS, another nice little French number. It’s deeply funny. GOING THE DISTANCE was hilarious too, by the way. Since we’re on the subject of good romantic comedies. But it wasn’t French. Okay I’ll shut up now. Oh wait, I just found a photo of the dude from HEARTBREAKER without his shirt on. In case you’re interested.

Okay I really will go now.

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4 thoughts on “On… Heartbreaker

  1. P

    Speaking of French films, have you watched Love Me If You Dare? I saw that a few months ago and really enjoyed it.

    I will definitely have to check out Heartbreaker. I'm assuming it has subtitles though? My knowledge of French is pretty much limited to rhyming off my name, age and where I live. Ooooh, and "j'ai un frere et une soeur." You see my problem… .)

  2. Anonymous

    just watched it today on TV ( english dubbed ). I felt my mouth out.. its almost my life-story… except she never understood/ran with me. It hurts still today shaon.

  3. Code Raptor

    Its one hell of awesome movie. Equally great soundtrack.. guess what i am still playing "The Story Of The Impossible" day in and out. Must watch movie.


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