Whoops, I haven’t posted in a month. I was finishing the first draft of TRUE LOVE (your future favorite TV show…) (I hope, oh man, I hope) for ABC for the first three weeks of December, then went to Ireland (where my husband is from) for Christmas, while writing the second draft. In case you were wondering: writing the second draft of a TV show pilot, while staying with your mother-in-law, with a two-year-old and a four-year-old with jet lag, plus about 12 adults and 19 children around at any given time, plus innumerate drop-ins, when it’s build-an-ark weather outside, and then everyone gets a vomiting bug, is … I don’t know. Like spinning 9 plates while having knives thrown at you in the mosh pit of a death metal concert.

But I made it.

Here’s a sick confession: I like writing under pressure. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a hangover from advertising. I was a copywriter for almost a decade, which means you learn to create fast under huge pressure. You learn to ditch ideas and come up with new concepts without panicking or being emotional about it, you learn to think so fast that smoke almost comes out your ears. Most days, you have an account director standing behind you shouting ‘WE NEED THIS COPY NOW ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO USE THAT WORD?’ while an art director emails ‘can u make it 90 chrtrs or less thx’ even though he’s sitting RIGHT next to you and the client then comes back with ‘can we combine concept a with concept b but make it more on-brand but fresher?’ and you keep thinking the whole time ‘if I was the audience what would I think?’ and all the while, a junior account exec is crying in the bathrooms and some other idiot is playing that old The Roots song 400 times in a row. It’s like running a dozen sprints, every day. Euphoric and satisfying and exciting.

I started writing books about six years ago, while still working in advertising. Books are intense, in one way, but also – don’t tell the other authors I said this – boring. You just sit there and wrestle with your brain for months on end, going deep into the character and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting, and try to be funny and surprising whenever you can. It’s like running a marathon. A nice sense of accomplishment, but for me, much too lonely. Writing movies, which I’ve been doing for about three years in between books, is SO fun, as it’s more collaborative while you’re working with the producers and studio, but again, a lot of alone time. And there’s no guarantee they’ll ever be anything. I’ve sold two movies. Will they get made? Who the hell knows. Will this TV show get made? Again, who the hell knows. The odds aren’t great. But so far, creating a TV show is the perfect combination of advertising pressure, book intensity and movie fun.

Cross your fingers for me.


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On… Garbage

Happy Friday.

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On… your Christmas gift, sorted

How great are these prints? I have just ordered about four of them for Christmas presents…

il_570xN.767353845_q4f9 il_570xN.804227893_1j3v il_570xN.766666089_1mpf il_570xN.776824093_oils il_570xN.779570511_dkdw

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On… Ryan Adams cover of Shake It Off

I’m not a big Ryan Adams fan, nor a big Taylor Swift fan, but somehow, this cover is really doing it for me right now.

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On… relaxing

Relaxing isn’t my best thing. (My best thing is writing. I’m slightly obsessive about it, in a TOTALLY HEALTHY WAY.)

Anyway, the other night the four-year-old had a cold and couldn’t sleep, so I googled ‘classical lullaby’, found THIS, lay down next to his bed in the dark and fell asleep within two minutes. It was about 7.30pm. I think it’s my new relaxation secret weapon. And perhaps it will be yours.


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On… THE WILD ONE is out!

THE WILD ONE is out today (in the US, and it was out last week in the UK, you lucky ducks. German, Spain, France, Poland, Slovenia, The Netherlands… I don’t know. I will find out and get back to you).

You can order it here or here or here or actually if you can, try HERE - or, of course, at your local independent bookstore (request it! They love that shit!).

I hope you enjoy it. xTHE WILD ONE COVER

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On… I Want To Be Her!

This was SO MUCH FUN. Though it was HARD limit myself to five things. Here are five more.

Rivet & Thread High-Waisted Jeans. I love high-waisted jeans. If the rise is less than ten inches, I don’t bother, if you know what I mean, AND I THINK YOU DO.

Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle. I am obsessed with this impossible-to-justify-it’s-so-expensive candle.

Cajun Salt-Free Spice. For blackened tilapia, the best my-jeans-are-too-tight-this-week lunch choice.

Timpa Duet. The only bra that fits me, so I own it in every color.

Finn Crackers. Ideal writing snack. Best with lots of nutella. Also, the reason my jeans are too tight.


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Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.56.30 AM

I have been waiting to tell you all this for THE LONGEST TIME… well, a couple of weeks.

I sold a TV show to ABC.

It’s called TRUE LOVE, and it’s a romantic comedy anthology. Every season will have a brand-new cast, narrative, and story, VERY loosely inspired by classic fairy tales, but you know, all feminist and kick-ass and hilarious and real… Every episode will have the fun of the best romantic comedies – the sharp, smart banter; the genuine emotion; the mouth-watering will-they-won’t-they anticipation – as well as the drama, mystery and secrets that will keep people coming back for more, while debating the question every woman faces: can you stand on your own and still want to be swept off your feet?

Okay… enough from me. I’m off to write it.



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