On… Crazy Rich Asians movie!

I LOVE this book series. (I have raved about it before.)

Cannot wait to see the movie.

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4 thoughts on “On… Crazy Rich Asians movie!

  1. Viagrapills

    Really? Luna messed up in the movies? She”s actually better in the movies than in the books. Also, Rowling didn”t cast her in the movies, Evanna got the role in a open audition against 15.000 girls, and said that Evanna was so much like Luna that she actually inspired her in the final book. The ceiling in Luna”s bedroom is actually a homage to Evanna, Rowling herself said it. Also, being pretty doesn”t make you less victim of bullying and being ignored. The books explains that Luna is ignored for saying weird stuff and because she believes the stuff her father publish in the Quibbler. There”s far more worst ways some other characters in the Harry Potter books have being made in the movies, but Luna is one of the few who actually improves over the character.


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