Monthly Archives: June 2014


Well THIS is amazing.

I slip an OK GO reference into every book I write. I know. It’s totally lame and annoying. What can I say? I like that damn band. (Actually, note to self: is it in LOVE & CHAOS? I should check. Well, obviously I’m not going to check. I can’t read my own book, it’s horrific, like watching a video of yourself walking naked: all I see are flaws. If anyone out there can tell me if there is an OK GO reference in it, please do. Or just ignore me and go about your day. That’s fine too. I need to find somewhere to hide it in the third book in the Brooklyn Girls series, which is called THE WILD ONE. Yah. Good title huh? Okay I need to end this parentheses already. No you hang up first. No you! YOU! Okay. Going now. Seriously. For serious.)