On… surprise!

I totally had a baby last week.


I kept it quiet – in fact, almost entirely mute – because, well, you know, 2017 was a rough year of false starts, baby-wise, and even *thinking* about the pregnancy ending with an actual baby was almost impossible. So I crossed my fingers, threw up a lot, hid from the world and wrote and wrote and wrote, and in the end, made a perfect little boy born on September 27.

Arthur Noel Barry.

IMG_2227So so happy. Mwah. x


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11 thoughts on “On… surprise!

  1. Sarah

    Oh my gosh, Gemma! He’s absolutely beautiful and perfect!! Congratulations! So incredibly happy for you and your family!!

  2. Tammy

    Congratulations, three beautiful boys, how lucky you are! Enjoy your little boy, I’m sure he is made so much sweeter by the tough times that came before xx

  3. Irina

    So few posts recently, I should have known :) But I can very much understand your point. He is beautiful, congrats! :) )) Wish you and your family all the best!

  4. Diana

    OMG!! Mazel Tov!! He’s gorgeous and so kissable!! I’m so happy to hear this after reading all that you went through. Hope you and baby are feeling good. It’s criminal to look that good after having a baby!!

  5. Maria

    Your baby is gorgeous!

    Your books helped me tremendously through my own fertility struggles, and I am so grateful and so happy for you.


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