On… The Martian and Only Ever Yours

I’m half-way through this book, my friends, and wanted to tell you about it. The Martian. By Andy Weir.


I’m not a big sci-fi reader, but I grabbed it at the airport on the way to LA this week and OH MY GOD I LOVE IT. Think Cast Away meets Apollo 13 – a NASA scientist gets stuck on Mars. An incredibly strong and charming voice, just so confident and real – so fantastic. I feel that all the people in it are real – I’m grinning and freaking out the whole time. And the space-science stuff is all pretty damn detailed, yet easy to understand, for even the likes of moi. Anyway. Read it.

Also, while we’re on the subject of books: have you read Louise O’Neill’s Only Ever Yours yet?


Absolutely extraordinary book. So brilliant. I could not put it down, even though it made me feel sick and angry and sad and thoughtful, all at the same time. I can’t think the last time I had such a visceral reaction to a story, and it’s been weeks now and I’m STILL thinking about it all the time. She’s an incredibly gifted writer. Read it – and be prepared to feel all the feelings and think all the thoughts.



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