The title for my second book, out December 2010, has been chosen.


(Cool, huh?!)

As you know, I’ve been waiting for Harper Collins to give me a list of their suggested titles for Book Deux. (My suggestions – The Late Starter, The Dating Virgin, etc – weren’t exactly setting the world on fire.)

Then on Tuesday morning I was thinking about titles (again), and thought, what do I really want the title to SAY to readers?

And the answer was: I want to say that this is a funny story about a girl like you.

So I rang my editor and said ‘What do you think about ‘A Girl Like You’?’. She said ‘oo!’ in an excited voice, discussed it with her team today, and just rang me and that’s the winner. So there we have it! I am thrilled.

You know what else? It’s a tiny homage to Kingsley Amis, who wrote a wonderful book called Take A Girl Like You. Yes, I know he was apparently a dreadful misogynist. But he was very funny. So there.

A GIRL LIKE YOU. By Gemma Burgess. Out December 2010. (Woo.)

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