Watch THE DATING DETOX trailer

Press play! Watch the trailer! (If it’s stalling, please just reload. That’s Vimeo for you and you know there are like thousands of people watching it right now. Yah.)

The Dating Detox Trailer from sam eastall on Vimeo.

Like it? Check out the proper trailer site at

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3 thoughts on “Watch THE DATING DETOX trailer

  1. Xuxana

    Oooooh! Your book trailer is so awesome! I have to be honest here, when I went to click on the link I thought to myself: on no, not another crappy book trailer, because I'm sorry but book trailers (well, the ones I've seen anyway) are so shit.

    Not yours though! You actually filmed real people and your book trailer turned out awes! Even better than a movie trailer because it's longer.

    Can't wait to read your next book in December, your writing style and talent is phenomenally hilarious.

  2. Goddess of Blah

    i watched this soon after reading the book and posted this on to my facebook page. LOVED IT. Sass looks a bit odd – nothing like I expected her to be (its the clothes I think). But Jake looks DIVINE.


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