OUTLANDER by Diana Galbadon.

Obsessed doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I’m not a historical romance kind of person. In fact, I rarely read romance at all, as most of it makes me cringe. But this book has TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. Every day when I’m writing or with the babies or whatever, all I think is: I’d rather be reading Outlander. It’s so good. And it’s even funny, ish. I didn’t think historical romances could ever be funny. I was wrong. It gets a little weird and nasty in places – no, really, it does – but it’s still worth reading for, uh, the sex. My friend Sarah calls it Fifty Shade Of Plaid. (She is much funnier than I am. Yah it’s really annoying.)

It’s a TV series on Starz now. I haven’t watched it yet. But I will.


Oh. Yes. I. Will.

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3 thoughts on “On… OUTLANDER

  1. Martine Demers

    Hé, I read those books like 10 years ago and yes I was actually in luuurve with Jamie! So last week-end I was, it is raining what can I do??? So I downloaded the first episode on my IPAD, just to see, will I like it or not (maybe since I am now 36 with kids, grown woman more mature you know, I could not like it anymore!) I was wrong, oh so wrong! I watched all 8 available episodes until the wee hours in the night. My husband was like : close the D** IPAD, I want to sleep. And I was : “No actually my husband he is not alive.” Or “You not be scarrrrred to me.” Quoting already my best parts. I am so obsessed with the serie. Well just thought that I will share my obsession…

    1. GemmaBurgess Post author

      I know ME TOO. I cannot wait for episode nine! Even though I’m like, how are they going to manage that ghastly – and, let’s face it, kind of crazy – torture at the end of the first book? Hopefully they’ll tone it WAY down…


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