On… thank yous

I have been a very poor blogger of late, my friends, as I am in the very last stretch of the first draft of my next book.

But I want to say thank you.

Because yesterday I found out that A Girl Like You sold over 10,000 copies in the first six weeks of publication in the UK alone.

This is, of course, small fry compared to the James Pattersons of the world, but for a girl who just wrote a couple of books because she was fed up with never finding the kind of comfort-read-with-balls she craved sometimes, it’s just… amazing. Kind of mind-blowing, actually.

So, anyway. Thank you to all you lovely lovely people who bought a copy and especially thank you to everyone who has emailed to say that they enjoyed it. I love your emails. You are the most delightful, hilarious and talented readers a girl could ever wish for. And I like your hair. And your shoes.


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4 thoughts on “On… thank yous

  1. Lisa

    You deserve it :) Your books are great, currently reading DD again, I love me some Jake!

    Celebrate well, cant wait to read your new books! x

  2. Talli Roland

    Woooooo! That's fantastic, Gemma, and very much deserved, because AGLY is FANTASTIC! I just finished it and I absolutely loved it! Will be emailing you to say just how much this weekend. Massive congrats. I'm thrilled for you.


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