On… the Anniversary photo, 2018 edition

We’ve been married eight years. EIGHT YEARS, PEOPLE. And we have the photo evidence to prove it.



Errol is six, Neddy is four.

I wish, in retrospect, that I wasn’t wearing a deeply crumpled old jacket, that I’d tried harder to get the boys to wear the FRANKLY ADORABLE little blazers that I bought for them for special occasions, and that we’d gotten our shit together and made it to City Hall before the sun was directly overhead. Oh well. Live and learn. You can also see that Fox has grown a lovely red beard, that Errol is extremely shy of the camera, and that I am clutching Ned’s hand rather than holding it, because he was hopping around like a bunny on the 7-ft-high podium and one of these years, he’s going to fall off.


Here we have 2017. Errol is five and Ned is three.


Here is 2016. Errol is four, Ned is two and REALLY into it.


Here is 2015. Ned is one, Errol is three. That dress is from Topshop. Where the hell did I put that dress.


Here is 2014. Errol is two and Ned is three months.


Here is 2013. Errol is one and a half.


Here is 2012. Errol is about eight months old.

anniversary 2010

Here is 2010, our wedding day.

As I said this time last year, we got married here in NYC, even though we were living in London at the time, because why not. And 2011 is missing as we were living in Zurich for the year for Fox’s job, and I was three months pregnant, so it would have been a photo of me puking and snarling at Fox.


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7 thoughts on “On… the Anniversary photo, 2018 edition

  1. Sarah

    Aww, congratulations! This is such a sweet tradition you and your family do! Also, your son Ned looks just like you! <3

  2. dana

    Congrats on 8 years. =)

    This is totally unrelated, but can you post more about your skin care routine? I was at the derm a few days ago and she told me to start using a vitamin c serum. The first thing I thought was– I wonder what Gemma uses?

    Thanks from a stranger in Chicago.

    1. GemmaBurgess Post author

      Hello stranger in Chicago!
      Okay. Well, I’ve tried a few, the ONLY one I thought really made a big, immediate difference is the irritatingly expensive Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. I don’t use it every day, but when I do, I put a couple of drops underneath my SPF. I think it helps with dryness and dullness, or, put more positively, makes my skin look plumper/less lined/brighter/glowier.
      I’ve also tried the Drunk Elephant one and a few others… very eh. Returned them all. Why did she specifically want you to use a Vitamin C serum – and was she trying to sell you something?

      1. dana

        Thanks for your wisdom. =) I asked what else I should do aside from spf and retinol and she told me that the only thing she would recommend is a vitamin c serum. I’m thinking it wasn’t an up-sell, since her office is really clinical and doesn’t sell fun cosmetic products. Probably for the best, since I’m a sucker and would spend all of my money on them.

  3. buffy

    congrats! and props for being able to do it every year!!

    fashion post next, please?? what are the vibes for s/s 2018?

  4. Emma

    Oh my god you are f*%<ing brilliant. I never swear I promise but reading your blog makes me want to curl up in your pocket and hang around begging to be your best friend. Or at least read every word as you type it. Too much? Perhaps, but you make me laugh and laugh and laugh. And then when I’m doing something random I’ll remember a quote and laugh some more.
    Please write forever so I can feel like I’m hanging out drinking wine in pjs with my friend from kindergarten until I can’t read anymore… and then do podcasts.


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