On… Errol

So, I kind of had a baby last week. His name is Errol. And he is perfect. SURPRISE! Yeah, I didn’t really mention the whole being-knocked-up thing. For lots of reasons… it wasn’t the best pregnancy ever, but the details are not exactly lighthearted-blog-appropriate. I felt – and feel – extremely protective of him, which [...]

On… Kindle sales

NEWSFLASH: A GIRL LIKE YOU and THE DATING DETOX are both insaaaaanely cheap on Kindle (£1!) – but only for the rest of August! They’re currently in the Amazon Kindle bestseller lists (woo) at 14 (doublewoo) and 34 (triplewoo, but a smaller woo, like a woolet) respectively. And if we can get them into the [...]

On… Love & Sex

Breaking up sucks a fat one. And yet people always seem to forget how sad and hard it is. Especially people in long-term relationships. I could never understand that. I’m boringly stable and hitched, but I can remember exactly how hard it is to recover from a break-up. He was part of your life. You [...]

On… Heaven Scent

I have some good news for you. Particularly if, like me, you have read Jilly Cooper so many times that you can recall entire passages verbatim.I’m not alone in my Jilly obsession, of course. She and Helen Fielding are the ne-plus-ultras of British comic female-oriented fiction, the Top Guns, the best of the best. And [...]

On… secondhand books

This bookshop changed my life. I know, deeply unpromising exterior, right? It’s in a stretch of the Kings Road in Chelsea in London that is a mix of the fabulous – the wonderful Eight Over Eight restaurant, The Organic Pharmacy, Rococo chocolates, French Sole, etc – and the frazzled – betting shops, no-name pharmacies, newsagents [...]

On… my next book

10 things I can tell you now about my next book. 1. It’s the first in a series of books called Union Street, about five twenty- something girls sharing a house in Brooklyn, that I’m writing for St Martins Press. 2. The protagonist is stylish, spoilt, sharp – and kind of awesome. I adore her. [...]

On… chicklit and humour

I’m trying to write a feature for Novelicious for International Chicklit Month. And I’m having trouble getting started. Why? Because the topic is Humour And Chicklit. What right do I have to write about humour and chicklit? Fuck all, honeynuts. I mean, I try to write humorous books, but everyone thinks they have a sense [...]

On… Sweet Valley Confidential

Are you an Elizabeth or a Jessica? I know a cultural phenomenon when I see one, particularly one that has lay dormant for a decade or two then come back, bigger and brighter than ever. And that phenomenon, my friends, is SWEET VALLEY HIGH.Personally, I’m an Elizabeth, most of the time. I always wanted to [...]