On… getting away from it all

I’m back from a break with Fox (aka my husband) in New York and Turks & Caicos. It was [insert your favourite positive superlative HERE], particularly since we haven’t spent more than three nights in a row together since we got married in April (he’s been working in Zurich from Monday to Friday, and I’m [...]

On… my newsletter

Seems silly to call it a ‘newsletter’ when I’m not a big company, I’m just me. But, whatever you want to call it: I send an email out about once a month, and here’s the latest. Want to get the next email? Just email gemma@gemmaburgess.com and put ‘Email me!’ in the title.Why, hello. I think [...]


I don’t post about books that often, for many reasons. There are much better book reviewers than me in the blogiverse, I read purely for pleasure and it would feel like a job if I reviewed them, and um, I’m lazy.But sometimes I read a book that makes me want to lie in bed and [...]

On… the joy of clothes

This post is not about trailers / writing / A Girl Like You / being published, so if you’re here to read about that stuff then scroll on down, sister. This blog is about something completely shallow and delightful. Clothes.(I say ‘clothes’ because ‘fashion’ implies labels. I really can’t respect women who just lurve labels [...]

On… BookBrunch

BookBrunch is THE must-read daily news and information site for the book industry. I wrote a little piece for them about the making of The Dating Detox trailer. Check out ‘Lights, Camera, Traction’ or read it after the jump. When her agent suggested she make her own trailer, novelist Gemma Burgess (left) thought she’d give [...]

On romance

What do you want in your chicklit? My needs are simple. I want to not think the heroine is a drip. I want her to have a life and a brain. I want her to have friends that I’d hang out with. I want to fancy the dude. I want to find their conversations compelling [...]

On New York

So as the plane approached Heathrow after almost a month of wedding fun in New York and Anguilla, I decided to start writing a list of my favourite places in Manhattan. Now! I’m not a New York expert, just an enthusiast. And I won’t even try to sum up the best places to go when [...]

On relaxing

I’m still on honeymoon. But I thought I’d say hello. You see, it’s been three weeks since we left London, and I haven’t gone this long without writing in a decade. And I really miss it.I’m just not that great at doing nothing these days. That’s something I’ve realised over the past ten days of [...]