On… the UK cover to LOVE AND CHAOS

I. Love. This. Cover. What do you think?


LOVE AND CHAOS is the second in the BROOKLYN GIRLS series. This one is Angie’s story, and it’s out January 2014. It’s probably my favorite of all the books I’ve ever written (out of, um, four, so that’s not saying that much), which of course either means it’s amazing or it’s fucking abysmal. Let’s hope it’s amazing.

Because this cover is amazing, isn’t it? It’s so cool and strong and quirky. I love the US cover too… no one has the right to love her covers as much as I do. We’re meant to hate our covers, it’s one of those things about being an author. But I don’t. I truly love them.

I will post the other international covers for BROOKLYN GIRLS soon as soon as they’re in my hot little hands.

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