On…. Original Sprout Deep Conditioner

I’ve been testing beauty products for an article I’m writing for Tatler’s May issue.

And I have to give you guys the early heads-up: this Original Sprout Deep Conditioner is THE BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY HAIR IN like four years.

My hair is blonde and damaged and brittle and unreliable. It’s kind of like a stripper, I guess. It may also have daddy issues and a boyfriend called Big Tony. But that’s not the point right now.

The point is: if your hair is a needy victim like mine, try this. It’s amazing. My hair feels and looks silky, smooth, supple and strong. (Allegedly it’s for babies, but Errol is a baldy and, based on Fox and my early childhood, will probably be a baldy till he’s about four. So I’m totally stealing it.)

You can buy it here with free international delivery.

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One thought on “On…. Original Sprout Deep Conditioner

  1. P

    You must stop doing this to me, Gemma!!! I just spent nearly 40 quid on two of the things you recommended a few posts ago, including another deep conditioned which you said was the dog's balls! Now I'm going to have to buy THIS too???

    I hate you. (Not really)


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