On… A babydate

Last week my friend Joanna came over with her son Toby to do a lovely ‘baby spa’-themed photoshoot for her blog Cup Of Jo. 

The photos are so cute. Errol wasn’t the best child model. He was mostly interested in the lollipop. But he has a huge mancrush on Toby.

You see, Toby is nearly 3, he’s very fast at running, and knows how to sing the Beatles and play the guitar. Errol is just over a year and a half old, and can’t even talk yet. He also falls down a lot due to his abnormally large feet. So in the playdates they’ve had, it’s more like Toby plays and Errol follows him around to see what he’ll do next. Errol is somewhat like a tiny ginger hobbit-toed stalker. It is hilarious and adorable.

PS This is Errol at one day old. I truly cannot remember him being this tiny… those are my hands, not Fox’s. TINY!

  1Gemma Blackberry 020

This is Errol a couple of weeks ago with Fox. They look so alike it freaks me out a little bit. In a nice way.


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