The other day I saw a girl reading My Lady Jane on the subway. She was so very, very enthralled in it that despite never having heard of it, I immediately ordered it, dived (dove?) in, and OH. You guys. This book. It is a FREAKING DELIGHT. So charming and funny and smart. If you liked The Princess Bride, you’ll love this, and EVERYONE likes the Princess Bride. Enjoy.




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4 thoughts on “On… MY LADY JANE

  1. Nicole Brant

    One of my friends only recently (Whaat?) saw the Princess Bride and said it was “ok” (gasp) Am now questioning our entire friendship.

  2. Stephanie

    This book was so so so wonderful! I devoured it over Christmas and it was exactly what I needed/wanted to survive the holidays. My brother kept asking why I was laughing. Thanks a million!

    Also, please keep posting recommendations. I usually just do/buy whatever you say and I’ve yet to regret it!

    1. GemmaBurgess Post author

      I’m so delighted you love it!! I have been telling EVERYONE about it. And oh, thank you, okay, I will post more recommendations – and if you have any for me, let me know. Always on the look out for good books. I read much too fast, it’s actually annoying that I can’t make books last longer! x


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