On… the best sleep ever

I wasn’t going to post about this, and then I was like, but it’s SO GOOD I love it and other people might love it too, but then I was like, but it’s kind of lame, and then I was like, but I’M kind of lame, and then I was like, why am I still debating this with myself, just stfu and write about it already.

The White Noise App That Beats All Other White Noise Apps To A Bloody Screaming Pulp.

There are over 600 different white noise sounds to choose from, and I realize that doesn’t sound THAT exciting. You’re probably thinking ‘big deal, they just pad it out with the hair dryer sound, and some fake airplane noise, and who the fuh likes wind chimes?’

No. No. Trust me. This app has over 600 sounds that someone went out and recorded, FOR REAL, all over the damn world, like Richard Attenborough-style. So you like rain? Try Scottish Heavy Rain, or Rain On The Windshield, Toronto Distant Thunderstorm, Muted Rain On Metal Roof, or English Steady Rain, or DOZENS of others. Or if you like wave sounds – choose between North Sea In Denmark, Pier On New Jersey Shore (STD not included) (sorry), Seaside In Northern Quebec, Cephalonia Island Greece, or my own personal favorite, Crashing Waves In Baja.

You can also listen to more eccentric sounds, like Crickets In South Africa, Inside An Empty Dutch Train, Crowded Pub, Distant Scottish Church Bells, Frogs By A Stream In France, Wind On Atlas Mountain Morocco, Fire In Polish Stove, Sheep Bleating,  Tuscaloosa Alabama Traffic, or – oh I could go on for hours, each sound is more charming and specific than the last. SEE?! THIS APP IS THE BEST. The best, Jerry. The best.

And in case you are wondering, there are wind chimes sounds, too. Twelve different kinds.


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