On… period sex

Scared? Depressed? Scared AND depressed? I’m with you, if that’s any comfort at all.

“In the end, however, he will fail. He will fail because however shrewd his tactics are, his strategy is terrible—The New York Times, the CIA, Mexican Americans, and all the others he has attacked are not going away. With every act he makes new enemies for himself and strengthens their commitment; he has his followers, but he gains no new friends. He will fail because he cannot corrupt the courts, and because even the most timid senator sooner or later will say “enough.” He will fail most of all because at the end of the day most Americans, including most of those who voted for him, are decent people who have no desire to live in an American version of Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey, or Viktor Orban’s Hungary, or Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

“There was nothing unanticipated in this first disturbing week of the Trump administration. It will not get better. Americans should therefore steel themselves, and hold their representatives to account. Those in a position to take a stand should do so, and those who are not should lay the groundwork for a better day. There is nothing great about the America that Trump thinks he is going to make; but in the end, it is the greatness of America that will stop him.”

From The Atlantic.

I grew up all over the world. As I’ve probably said before, I have two passports, a strange accent, and have never felt any particular cultural identity or fervent allegiance to any one country – instead I’ve been a sort of permanent observer. This outsider status is typical of Third Culture Kids (‘kid’ is, obviously, pushing it, but let’s pretend) and I was pretty much resigned to it.

So is extraordinary that the first time in my entire life I have felt patriotism is a) to the United States, a country that I was not born in and am not even a citizen of (yet) and b) is because of Donald Trump. This country is so much better – and smarter and kinder and wiser and funnier – than him.

For example, because of THIS. And also because of THIS.

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