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I rarely talk about work on this blog, mostly because it kind of feels like boasting or complaining and both of those things make me feel like an asshole. The truth is that it’s always going pretty well, but pretty slow. HOLY SHIT IT IS SLOW. In October I pitched and sold two TV shows – one to Universal Studios with Hazy Mills, and one to Warner Bros Studios with Alloy Entertainment. Both are sharp, funny half-hours about flawed women (or as I call them, people). We’re going out to cable networks in January, so cross your fingers for me.

In the meantime, I am writing a tween comedy for a very cool production company, which is SO fun and escapist (i.e., exactly what we all need right now). Anyway, I’ve been regressing (which wasn’t awfully hard, as you’ll imagine) and remembering what it feels like to be 12, and thinking about my favorite books and movies about 12/13-year-olds.

Here are my top three books:


Anne Of Green Gables (all the way through to Rilla Of Ingleside)

I had paragraphs of these books memorized, actually memorized, and I still have the entire set. Oh, how I loved Anne.


Emily Of New Moon

But I loved Emily more. Like Anne, and in fact like most heroines in books about 12-year-olds set in the time before electricity (my genre of choice at that point in my life), she’s a bookish orphan. Holy shit, I loved me a bookish orphan.

From memory, I think her mother was long dead (their mothers are always long dead) and her Dad dies of TB early in the first book, and she’s sent to live with an austere maiden aunt. (See: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.) After that she tries to be a writer for like three books. I read a lot of books about girls who wanted to be writers, despite having fuck-all ambition in that direction myself at that point. I want to be an ACTRESS. All caps.


The Babysitters Club

The only thing better than an orphan holding a candle was the goddamn Babysitters Club. Kirsty, Mary-Anne, Claudia, Stacey and Dawn. The COOLEST. I wanted to be creative Claudia, but I knew I was good girl Mary-Anne. Stacey was obviously too cool to even talk to me, Kirsty was into sport so that was never going to happen, and Dawn was dull AF.

And my top three movies:


The Parent Trap

For me, the Hayley Mills version, always and forever, amen.


My Girl

Oh God. The bees.


The Man In The Moon

I loved this, although all I remember about it now is a kiss in the rain, and something about a tractor. And the guy in it went on to star in one of my most favorite ever movies, Dazed And Confused, and then Mallrats, or maybe that was his twin and he was the one in Party Of Five? And one of them ended up a crack addict. Allegedly.







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