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I have been waiting to tell you all this for THE LONGEST TIME… well, a couple of weeks.

I sold a TV show to ABC.

It’s called TRUE LOVE, and it’s a romantic comedy anthology. Every season will have a brand-new cast, narrative, and story, VERY loosely inspired by classic fairy tales, but you know, all feminist and kick-ass and hilarious and real… Every episode will have the fun of the best romantic comedies – the sharp, smart banter; the genuine emotion; the mouth-watering will-they-won’t-they anticipation – as well as the drama, mystery and secrets that will keep people coming back for more, while debating the question every woman faces: can you stand on your own and still want to be swept off your feet?

Okay… enough from me. I’m off to write it.



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3 thoughts on “On… TRUE LOVE

  1. rita

    Congratulations! I’ve read your blog for a long time (and your books of course!) and I can’t wait for this TV show! I can’t imagine the work that goes into selling a show or then getting it made… so congratulations again!


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