On… a new book

I have a book out next week, my friends.

It’s called The Wild One (or, Coco if you’re in the UK). It’s the third Brooklyn Girls book, a series I started five years ago back when no one was talking about or to early 20-somethings. There was this great thumping gap between Twilight and Something Borrowed. (Everyone else realized it the same time as me, and started calling this age group ‘millennials’ and this genre ‘new adult’.) The pitch for Brooklyn Girls was simple: I wanted to follow a group of friends through their early 20s, with one book ‘by’ each girl as she figured out what she wanted to do with her life – and how she was going to do it. Kind of like The Babysitters Club meets The Group meets The Best Of Everything. Meets moi.

ANYWAY. I’m terrible at self-promotion. My sales pitch is something like: “Uh, if you have nothing better to do, maybe check one of my books? They’re funny and stuff! But seriously, if you’re busy, don’t worry, sorrysorrysorrysorry.”

So, instead, let me tell you about all of them, and you can decide for yourself if they’re your cup of hot cha. Maybe you’ll be like “you know what, I am really into reading those weird domestic suspense-y thrillers right now, I’ll laugh next year.” Or: “Who has time to read with all these damn podcasts? I have LISTENING to do.” Or: “Actually, I’m re-reading Finnegan’s Wake so you are kind of beneath me intellectually, ya dumbass.” And you would be right.


The Wild One is about Coco, the shyest, quietest girl in the group, learning how to shout. With sex and true love and high jinks and crazy adventures and above all, friendship, because, hey! That’s just my bag. (I know it’s totes cool to be nihilistic right now but I’m an optimistic motherfucker. What can I say.)

Next up: loveandchaos_us-2

Love & Chaos (Angie in the UK) is about the wildest girl in the group, learning she isn’t alone. With – see above re: my bag.


And Brooklyn Girls (Pia in the UK) is about the drama queen in the group, learning she’s in control of her life. With – again, see above re: my bag.

And my first two books are straight-up, let’s-not-fuck-around-here romantic comedies.


A Girl Like You is still the book I get the most emails about. I tried to cram everything I knew about love and dating and heartbreak into this book, and make it as funny and real and exciting as I could.  Though I re-read it recently (I wrote on this blog that I was done with books but I got so many emails saying ‘nooooooooooooooooooooooooo’ that my ego was flattered into contemplating a sequel), and I was like, hot damn, this book is LONG. Maybe too long. But I planned it as the ultimate comfort read. And comfort reads need to have a little heft.


The Dating Detox is, um, moderately autobiographical, like most first novels. A story about falling in love when you really, really don’t want to. I would edit the hell out of it if I could (I wrote it more or less on a whim and got a book deal and it was published by Harper Collins within a year, there wasn’t a lot of time for edits) but oh, how I love it so. Dear little Dating Detox.


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4 thoughts on “On… a new book

  1. Diana

    i’m a HUGE fan of yours! i’ve read all your books (except dating detox – which i will need to get my hands on soon.. and obviously your newest one which hasn’t come out yet). YES to sequel (a girl like you is my fave so far) and YES to writing MORE book. PLEASE!!!!! i love reading so much and especially love it when i come across an author where i enjoy ALL the books they have written. what a gem you are!

  2. Alice

    Well this is marvelous timing – I have just finished a gluttonous Kevin Kwan mini-marathon, all sparked by your recommendation of Crazy Rich Asians, and was feeling all bereft and confused about what my next book should be. Now I can have a week of filler (let’s face it, a week of Terry Pratchett, because why not) and then onto Coco. Merci!


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