On… Doll and Em

This show is just wonderful.

There’s a crazy hilarious female rhythm to the humor. I know that sounds weird – but it’s magic… It’s one of the rare shows I watch without doing ANYTHING else (I am a terminal fidgeter), for moments like – okay, in Season Two – when Emily wants her children to say ‘i love you’ and they tell her she’s needy and she makes this little hurt face that – honestly – made me laugh so hard I had to rewind it and watch it two more times. And when Doll gets Emily to faux-text Ewan McGregor about her ‘rock’n'roll soul’. And when Emily is trying to juggle an important work call with increasingly desperate calls from Doll (who is lost, which also makes me laugh, because me and every woman I know WOULD call her best friend in a slightly blame-y, almost tearful way about being lost, like someone fucking re-arranged the streets on us) while her child stalks her around the house because he’s hungry and wants her to feed him (I have been that woman, I just throw chocolate and the iPad at his feet and hope for the best).

I am sure that TV reviewers much smarter than me have analysed the relationship between the women and the nature of the narrative and all that shit, all I can say is, this show feels incredibly familiar and yet always surprising. Like a really good friendship. Watch it.

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