On… talking to a nearly-four-year-old

Earlier today, I was singing ‘Consider Yourself’ to Errol while he did a poo (oh yes, the benefits of working from home are many), and then I said ‘when I was a little girl, I loved that song.’ (actually, I was 15, but musical theatre is REALLY COOL.)

Errol: ‘When you was a little girl, and you was so little just this big’ (holds hand ten inches off the ground) ‘you sang that song?’

Me: ‘Yes, I sang it all the time’

Errol: ‘And you was a little baby and you sang it and i was your mummy?’

Me: ‘Um… no, Grandma was my mummy.’

Errol: ‘I thought i was your mummy. I was the mummy and you was the baby.’

Me: ‘No, I don’t think so. I’m your mummy and Grandma is my mummy.’

Errol: ‘Are you sure you know what you are saying?’

Me: ‘Not usually.’

Errol: ‘Don’t be so silly, mummy.’

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