On… Christmas movies

I love Christmas movies. There are a dozen Christmas movie lists out there, but none of them have this one on it, and it’s so great.


My God, that trailer sucks ass. The movie is so much better than that. It’s an 80s romantic comedy and yes, the premise will make you sigh (he’s going across the country to bang a malnourished bimbo?) but it’s really funny and weird and awesome. I swear.

Here are some scenes that may convince you to track down The Sure Thing and watch it.

One of the lines (“we speak each other’s unspoken language… fluently”) is now part of my internal dialogue. I may have put it in a book once. I can’t remember. I do stuff like that a lot, kind of as a pop culture Easter Egg for readers, but also just to entertain myself when I’m writing. Sometimes people spy the little things I put in the books and email me (“Did you know Jake Ryan is the same name as the guy from Sixteen Candles?”) and I LOVE that and pratically hyperventilate my reply (“Yes! I know! It’s the best movie! I love him! So much!”).

And after that, go watch a Muppet movie, any Muppet movie, because every Muppet movie feels like a Christmas movie.

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