On… good books

Very. Good. Book.

GIRL by Blake Nelson. 


The sequel. So far, also very good goddamn book.

DREAM SCHOOL by Blake Nelson.


PS Sorry for not posting in so long. I actually lost my WordPress password and couldn’t remember what it was. And I am the kind of person who goes ‘ah, to hell with it, I have nothing to blog about anyway, the world won’t be a whole lot worse off without some more blahblahblah from me’. I know. I have low self-blogging-esteem. Seriously, you guys, what should I blog about? What would you like to read? My life isn’t that interesting. My opinions on most things are not particularly valuable. I spend all my time writing, and playing with Errol and Fox in gorgeous New York City in autumn/fall (I can’t say ‘fall’ without feeling like a fake American, but I can’t say ‘autumn’ without feeling all prim and English, either, so now I say both), and applying for my Greencard (yay!), and being six months pregnant (it’s a BOY! Just by the way. Yah, so surreal, am making a willy IN MY STOMACH), and, um, Pinning. Oh, how I love to Pin. Come pin with me! And, oh yes, email me what you want me to blog about. gemma@gemmaburgess.com

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2 thoughts on “On… good books

  1. William Kendall

    At the moment, the baby making proceedings take precedent!

    Perhaps photoblogging for awhile would do you some good? Or stories about the area you live in?

  2. Paula

    Hahaha, this is the second time you’ve grown a willy in your stomach then I guess! Congrats on knowing it’s a boy. :-)

    I’d love to hear more about your past, growing up and the likes because it sounds like you’ve had a fascinating life and lived in so many places.x


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