Monthly Archives: September 2016

On… Eh-440

I’m sorry for my silence, gang. I’ve been a busy little cougar the last month. Work trips to LA, constant writing (and rewriting), my lovely friend Caroline got married in London (and I did a reading and didn’t mess it up! yay me), we moved apartments in NYC, and hmm nope, that’s it.

ANYWAY. Last night Fox and I had dinner with lovely friends Joanna and Alex. We ate at RedCat, which we’ve eaten at before, but it’s worth mentioning because every single thing we ate was just perfect, especially the steak tartare which is the best I’ve ever had, anywhere, evah.

Before dinner, we went to Assscat 3000 at UCB, which is a famous improv night started by Amy Poehler and her UCB gang, and they get a lot of audience involvement. They called on someone in the audience who turned out to be the lead singer from a Canadian band commencing their US tour, and THEN they played their music, and they fucking rock. An acapella group, but like, hardcore acapella – some original stuff and some covers. They’re called Eh-440 and if you get the chance to go see them live, do it.

PS Back to LA next week, again. A big week. Network pitches. Wish me luck.