On… 70s 80s by Nightmares On Wax

I was in a cafe in Brooklyn this morning. There was a song playing that I used to listen to constantly back in London, and it gave me one of those WHOOOSH visceral-emotional-time-travel moments, and I remembered with shocking immediacy 1) the sour milk smell of a terrible ad agency I was working in at the time and 2) the cockishness of the guy I was dating at the time and 3) how great my social life was at the time, so the job and the guy didn’t really matter.

Anyway, I commented to the girl behind the counter (nose ring, Run Lola Run hair, zero capacity for original thought): “oh, I love this song!” She said “yeah I guess it’s new?” and I said “I think it’s from 2002 or 2003. It’s Nightmares On Wax.” And she said “oh I was, like, nine?” Little laugh.

So then I killed her.
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On… Shameless


So Fox and I have been on a Shameless binge.

We’d watched it a couple of times before, of course, and we’d watched the UK version when we lived in London, but for some reason, we have become obsessed over the past fortnight. We’re bingeing it every night. We’ve had a few dinners out, and each time part of me thinks ‘this better be a good goddamn meal if I’m missing Shameless’. FOR REAL. It’s that good. So if you don’t know what to do with yourself for the rest of February, well, now you do.

It’s hilarious and dramatic and urgh, just like, fully fucking immersive and consistently brilliant and charming… a perfect show. And it’s surprising. When we’re watching TV or movies or even when I’m reading books, I often turn to Fox and tell him what’s happening next in the plot. It’s so annoying of me. But I can see it coming. It’s so obvious, it’s like I’ve got the episode plot written out right in front of me. Usually I just try to turn that part of my brain off and enjoy the ride – but with Shameless, I don’t have to. I never know what’s coming next.

We have two, or at the most, three weeks to go until we’re fully caught up. I do not know what the hell we are going to do with ourselves when that happens. I guess talk to each other.


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On… Garbage

Happy Friday.

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On… your Christmas gift, sorted

How great are these prints? I have just ordered about four of them for Christmas presents…

il_570xN.767353845_q4f9 il_570xN.804227893_1j3v il_570xN.766666089_1mpf il_570xN.776824093_oils il_570xN.779570511_dkdw

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On… Ryan Adams cover of Shake It Off

I’m not a big Ryan Adams fan, nor a big Taylor Swift fan, but somehow, this cover is really doing it for me right now.

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On… relaxing

Relaxing isn’t my best thing. (My best thing is writing. I’m slightly obsessive about it, in a TOTALLY HEALTHY WAY.)

Anyway, the other night the four-year-old had a cold and couldn’t sleep, so I googled ‘classical lullaby’, found THIS, lay down next to his bed in the dark and fell asleep within two minutes. It was about 7.30pm. I think it’s my new relaxation secret weapon. And perhaps it will be yours.


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On… THE WILD ONE is out!

THE WILD ONE is out today (in the US, and it was out last week in the UK, you lucky ducks. German, Spain, France, Poland, Slovenia, The Netherlands… I don’t know. I will find out and get back to you).

You can order it here or here or here or actually if you can, try HERE - or, of course, at your local independent bookstore (request it! They love that shit!).

I hope you enjoy it. xTHE WILD ONE COVER

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On… I Want To Be Her!

This was SO MUCH FUN. Though it was HARD limit myself to five things. Here are five more.

Rivet & Thread High-Waisted Jeans. I love high-waisted jeans. If the rise is less than ten inches, I don’t bother, if you know what I mean, AND I THINK YOU DO.

Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle. I am obsessed with this impossible-to-justify-it’s-so-expensive candle.

Cajun Salt-Free Spice. For blackened tilapia, the best my-jeans-are-too-tight-this-week lunch choice.

Timpa Duet. The only bra that fits me, so I own it in every color.

Finn Crackers. Ideal writing snack. Best with lots of nutella. Also, the reason my jeans are too tight.


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